Sad news... AfriGIS have locked down the live API feed of Gautrain bus positions. Very sad these guys are so closed minded.
Quick Investigation
	Provides link to SAAS

Bus API has moved to:
Uses a uniquely generated URL per query (url encodes a timestamp)


EncodingVersion = static hash
AuthCode = Hash of API call type (gautrain.mobileServer.getBusesByBoundingBoxServlet), Query Params (east=, west=...), UnixTimeStamp, EncodingVersion & SecretKey
UnixTimeStamp = Unix Time Stamp in UTC

Cracked it... email me for details

UPDATE: 29th August 2014 - 09:00 SAST
Has stopped working again... Will investigate when I get a chance.

UPDATE: 6th September 2014
Working again. Simple URL change

UPDATE: October 2017
Secret key changed and server time offset "obfustication"

UPDATE: December 2017
Time offset continues to grow. Emulate the behaviour of the cellphone app offset calculation.

UPDATE: May 2018
Switched to new Gautrain API and call method.

UPDATE: April 2022
Working again. Between Fri Mar 13 2020 to Sat Mar 23 2022 my service was offline

View working live map here

Tips?: gautrain-api-tip AT firefishy DOTcom DMCA / Take Down?: shame-on-you AT firefishyDOTcom